Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

For more than two decades, First Environment has been applying its environmental expertise to the litigation support services market. Our litigation support and expert witness team represents a vast spectrum of environmental specialties and has a national reputation, having worked in more than 22 states. Our industrial and regulatory experience enables us to draw from a wealth of knowledge regarding past and current industry standards and regulations, particularly with regard to the management and disposal of hazardous materials (such as TCE contamination at aerospace sites; PCE involving dry cleaners; ammonium perchlorate for solid rocket fuel propellants; and PCBs in sealants, transformer oils, and preservatives). In addition, given our site investigation background and hands-on remediation experience, we understand how contaminants migrate and are experts at testifying about state-of-the-art and historical remediation techniques. Our specialized expertise in forensic investigations, in-depth knowledge of process operations, and more than 28 years of environmental engineering and regulatory experience enables us to provide case-winning legal support to our clients.

First Environment’s core strengths include forensic environmental investigations, environmental cost allocations, fate and transport modeling, regulatory compliance histories, and solving complex contamination issues related to personal injury and property damage/stigma cases. Our experts include senior personnel with advanced degrees in geology, chemistry, law, environmental management, and chemical engineering, with additional support from cost-effective professionals with degrees in forensic sciences, environmental policy, environmental science, economics, public policy, business administration, and graphic design. Diverse project experience and long-standing relationships with lawyers, investigators, and legal support teams underscores our credibility in this field.