Environmental Engineering

First Environment has a team of engineers on staff with professional certifications in 17 states. They routinely provide design services on projects involving site remediation and redevelopment, including remedial and mitigation system design and implementation; site improvements; wastewater treatment and water supply; modeling; forensic engineering; and condition assessments. First Environment’s GIS and CAD staff support most of the firm’s projects involving environmental design and investigation. They possess competencies in the latest software versions (including ESRI ArcGIS, 3D Analyst Extension, and Surfer) to create geodatabases, map data, and conduct analysis of data and modeling. Our CAD experts routinely support common design deliverables, including preliminary drawings, contract drawings and specifications, and as-built presentations. In addition, our modeling expertise includes hydrogeologic and fate and transport assessments, age dating, and risk assessment. Our experts frequently utilize finite difference models such as MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, and RT3D in Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) and GIS platforms.