Brooklyn, New York

Site Investigation and Remediation for the 3rd Avenue Service Center and Employee Parking Lot

Site Investigation _ Remediation for 3rd Avenue Service Center 3

Under Con Edison’s UST Investigation/Remediation Program, First Environment has provided site investigation and remediation services at the 3rd Avenue Service Center in Brooklyn, New York. The activities have been focused on three separate areas of concern at the site. Two of these locations are located within the service center yard. The activities completed in these areas have consisted of monitoring well installation, groundwater sampling (via low flow techniques), and remediation (via vacuum enhanced fluid recover or VEFR). The service center property is extremely busy, which requires the work to be coordinated with onsite personnel to ensure the wells are accessible and there is adequate space for the monitoring and remediation equipment. One of these areas is located within the active re-fueling station for the service center. The intrusive activities conducted in this area required special attention to the presence of subsurface utilities. 

The final area of concern is located along 4th Avenue on a portion of the property formerly known as the employee parking lot. The activities in this area have consisted of the completion of soil borings and soil gas probes and the installation of temporary and permanent monitoring wells. The activities have been completed in both onsite and offsite locations. The offsite locations are of particular interest due to the presence of a large diameter sanitary sewer line, gas line, water line, and a subsurface subway structure. The completion of these activities has required permits from the NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). The remediation activities, which have consisted of VEFR events, have complied with the newly adopted NYC Noise Ordinance.

VEFR has been successful at removing free phase product from the water table on two of the service center monitoring wells. We are currently evaluating remedial alternatives to address the dissolved phase constituents at the site. The application of an oxygen-releasing compound (ORC®) appears to be an efficient and effective solution. Free product has continued to be observed in several of the employee parking lot monitoring wells. First Environment is in negotiation with the NYSDEC Region 2 office and NYSDEC personnel in Albany to implement a surfactant injection program in this portion of the site to address the free product.