Washington, DC

Responsible Recycler (R2) Standard Development

On behalf of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), First Environment provided support in the development of the Responsible Recycling Practices (R2). R2 was developed under the sponsorship of EPA with a multi stakeholder group of original equipment managers, electronics recyclers, trade groups, EPA, OSHA, and non-governmental organizations (NGO). The practices were developed to address concerns regarding electronics recycling with regard to the hazardous and toxic materials used in electronics and data destruction.

Electronics recyclers can implement and be third-party certified to R2. The practices specify requirements for managing end-of-life electronics to ensure the equipment is either reused or the material in it is recovered to prevent disposal in landfills. The requirements include:

First Environment provided input to the standard particularly with regard to the EH&S management system requirements and how to integrate the requirements into the EH&S management system. First Environment also validated the R2 practices at several recycling facilities and provided further input to the practices based on the validation effort. First Environment’s has also contributed to the development of the guidance, revisions to the practices, and third party auditor training courses.