Garfield, New Jersey

Preliminary Assessment and Remedial Action at the Former Garden State Paper Site

Preliminary Assessment and Remedial Action at Former Garden State Paper 3

First Environment completed a detailed Preliminary Assessment (PA) for Media General—owners of the former Garden State Paper Company—for its facility located in Garfield, New Jersey. The PA addressed the requirements of the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) so that the facility could be sold, investigated to address environmental concerns, remediated, and returned to economic viability. The site encompassed approximately 14 acres and included the process/manufacturing facility as well as a powerhouse totaling more than 300,000 square feet. The powerhouse was previously used to supply electricity to the plant for the purpose of manufacturing 100% recycled paper products.

In conducting the PA, First Environment identified and evaluated more than 30 potential areas of environmental concern (AOCs), including underground and aboveground storage tanks, trench drains, sumps, pits, waste storage and unloading areas, soil, and groundwater.

Based on subsequent site investigation and remedial investigation activities completed at the site, all but four AOCs received No Further Action (NFA) status from NJDEP. In furtherance of the ISRA process, First Environment removed six 50,000-gallon underground storage tanks as well as approximately 800 tons of soil impacted with chlorinated organic compounds and petroleum hydrocarbons.

As part of the investigative process, the project team installed monitoring wells to evaluate the shallow overburden and bedrock aquifers. Groundwater sampling identified the presence of chlorinated organic compounds in both water-bearing units. First Environment’s detailed forensic investigation identified the source of the chlorinated compounds was most likely operations conducted on a neighboring parcel and not a result of on-site operations. Working closely with the developer and NJDEP case manager, First Environment streamlined and expedited the investigation to meet development schedules.

Most recently, First Environment prepared and submitted a Remedial Action Work Plan to NJDEP addressing the remaining issues at the site, including limited soil excavation as well as groundwater remediation. In addition, we prepared and submitted a concrete sampling plan to support the proposed building demolition activities. Upon completion of the remedial actions the site is scheduled for redevelopment.