Montrose, New York

Montrose VA Medical Center Dechlorination at Wastewater Treatment Plant

Dechlorination at Wastewater Treatment Plant for VA Hudson Valley

First Environment is assisting the Montrose Campus of the VA Hudson Valley Health Care System to meet a more stringent residual chlorine limitation being imposed on the facility’s self-operated wastewater treatment plant, which serves the campus and the adjacent New York State Veterans’ Home. The facility is located in Montrose, New York and is a campus-style complex on approximately 180 acres along the banks of the Hudson River in the northwestern corner of Westchester County. First Environment is providing architecture and engineering (A/E) services to design an ultraviolet disinfection system that will replace the current chlorine disinfection process at the plant, allowing the plant to maintain regulatory compliance with its State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit.

First Environment conducted field survey efforts; reviewed existing plant drawings; prepared a feasibility assessment report presenting three alternatives to achieve the design objective; and provided preliminary design drawings, contract drawings and specification deliverables, construction cost estimates, and construction oversight.

The designed ultraviolet (UV) disinfection process incorporates an open-channel design that consists of the following attributes:

First Environment’s design also incorporates a new building to house the UV equipment that is improved with general lighting, necessary safety equipment, environmental sensors and monitoring equipment, and trench drainage.