Lake County, Florida

Lake County Climate Inventory Development

Climate Inventory Development for Lake County

The government of Lake County, Florida provides a full range of services contemplated by statute and ordinance, including general governmental services, public safety, physical environment, transportation, economic environment, human services, culture and recreation, and court-related services. Using greenhouse gas (GHG) emission calculations for all transportation emissions for diesel and gasoline fleets belonging to the County, First Environment produced a report and GHG framework tool detailing the methods and results of the emissions inventory analysis on behalf of the Lake County government.

Our report provided an estimation of Lake County’s GHG emissions for calendar year 2008 based on a compilation of data collected through the County’s existing systems, as well as data provided by County staff and utility companies. In addition, First Environment developed a framework tool that the County can use to identify data and data management system gaps. It will also help facilitate future emission quantification efforts as Lake County continues to refine its data management systems and enhance its GHG reporting procedures.