New York, New York

Groundwater Investigation for St. Alban’s Extended Care Center

Groundwater Investigation for St. Alban’s 2

First Environment supported the St. Alban’s Extended Care Center in addressing comments issued by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) in association with two former 150,000-gallon aboveground fuel oil tanks and two former 1,000-gallon gasoline underground storage tanks. The project team completed groundwater sampling in accordance with NYSDEC procedures and submitted an investigative report responding to agency comments. Following the initial investigation, First Environment conducted one vacuum enhanced fluid recovery event and one follow-up groundwater sampling event at the site. Subsequent correspondence with the NYSDEC indicated that the site remains in non-compliance. NYSDEC has approved First Environment’s remedial approach to address the remaining groundwater issues associated with the former storage tanks. At a minimum, NYSDEC requires the replacement of one damaged monitoring well, the installation of one new monitoring well, and a comprehensive groundwater sampling event at the facility.