Morris County, New Jersey

County of Morris Climate Inventory Development


In 2009, Morris County was awarded a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG). Using the funds, the county developed an energy efficiency and conservation strategy that included four primary goals:

1. Position the County as a leader in energy efficiency and recycling

2. Reduce energy consumption throughout the county by 10 percent by 2015 (based on a 2009 baseline)

3. Reduce GHG emissions in the county by 10 percent by 2015 (based on a 2009 baseline)

4. Reduce fossil fuel use in transportation vehicles by 10 percent by 2015 (based on a 2009 baseline)

To support this initiative, First Environment developed a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory using the Local Government Operations Protocol for the quantification and reporting of emissions. Project activities included collecting activity data for all stationary and mobile sources; compiling and quantifying GHG and pollutant emissions from all sources; and analyzing the results.

The GHG inventory reported emissions for the following emission sources:

The boundaries of the county’s GHG inventory included facilities and operations which are either wholly-owned by Morris County or for which the county has the full authority to implement operational and environmental policies.

First Environment’s final report presents the methods and results of the 2009 GHG inventory and is used to set the baseline for the county’s third goal, as the inventory calculates GHG emissions for the 2009 calendar year.