Dover, New York

Climate Action Plan and Greenhouse Gas Inventory for the Town of Dover

First Environment worked with the Town of Dover to create a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory as well as a Climate Action Plan, both of which would help the Town achieve its climate-related goals.

The project team created a 2017 Baseline Municipal Operations GHG inventory following ICLEI’s Local Government Operations Protocol, which includes Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions from seven greenhouse gases. Developing the inventory required coordination with multiple Town departments to collect the necessary data, including electricity usage, fleet mileage, and other emission sources.

After quantifying all Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, First Environment identified the major emissions sources and created targeted climate actions to reduce those major sources. We also advised the Town on establishing short-, medium- and long-term emissions reductions goals. The selected climate actions focused on the largest emissions sources and provided the Town with a roadmap to reach their emissions reductions goals over the next one, five, and ten year periods.

The Town also aspired to achieve Climate Smart Cities’ Bronze Certification, which requires completion of specific climate actions and emissions reductions. First Environment incorporated these actions and reductions goals into the Climate Action Plan so that the Town is on track to meet the certification requirements. We also used ICLEI’s ClearPath model to estimate the impacts of prioritized climate actions on GHG emissions and the local economy.

The Climate Action Plan also included costs, expected GHG emissions reductions, cost savings, and implementation time for all actions. Action categories included:

First Environment recommended a timeline for climate action implementation to make the associated costs more feasible and to achieve the emissions reduction goals by the desired dates.


Photo by: Peter/Flickr