Climate change is impacting the human population worldwide as its effects damage major infrastructure as well as the land, waters, coastlines, species, natural resources, critical ecosystems, and other natural resources and assets that make up our environment. Indigenous people, tribes, communities of color, and other communities already economically marginalized and overburdened are at a particularly high risk. Human activity has been, and continues to be, a major contributor through industrial processes; energy production; and the extraction, refinement, and combustion of fossil fuels.


Reversing the impacts of climate change is a daunting task that will take place slowly and require the concerted efforts of government, industry, financial institutions, academia, and activists. In the meantime, communities are incurring huge costs to engineer adaptive solutions for impacts such as sea level rise, increased flooding and storm surge, more frequent high temperatures, depletion of natural environments, less arable land, more frequent and extreme storms and wildfires, and more. Many communities are turning to litigation to recover the costs of adaptation and resiliency, using a modified “polluter pays” principle against responsible parties, including large petroleum and gas companies, utilities, and government.


These cases will require experts with a broad understanding of climate science, adaptation and mitigation best practices, and industrial standards for fossil fuel producing activities. First Environment’s unique combined experience providing expert witness and litigation support services for over 30 years and our in-depth knowledge of climate change impacts, mitigation measures, and adaptation strategies and engineering puts us in the ideal position to support these cases.


Over Two Decades of Climate Change Experience


First Environment has been a leader in the development of environmental engineering measures designed to quantify the impacts of climate change, mitigate its harmful impacts, and adapt to a world in which climate change impacts are a reality. We have helped develop international policies, standards, and best practices regarding climate change science since 1995. Our climate change experience and expertise are wide ranging including planet-wide atmospheric assessments, hard asset risk and vulnerability assessments and infrastructure resiliency improvement projects.  We’ve worked closely with communities, corporations, and public and federal agencies to identify climate risks, define climate goals and facilitate implementation of suitable programs in ways that are protective of human health and the environment. First Environment frequently supports first-of-their-kind and one-of-a-kind climate change projects, including carbon offset projects and climate change adaptation plans spanning back to the early 2000s. Many of our clients are multinational corporations whose environmental management programs span geographic, political, and cultural boundaries.

Areas of Expertise

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Damage/harm cost assessments


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Expert Profile: B. Tod Delaney, PhD, PE, BCEE


Dr. Delaney has more than 20 years of experience supporting municipalities, multinational corporations, and federal agencies in achieving climate change goals, including GHG emission reductions, climate change planning, risk assessment, adaptation and resiliency, and life cycle assessment. Some of his expert credentials include the following:

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