First Environment was recently approved by the Washington Department of Ecology as a certified greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions verification body under the state’s mandatory greenhouse gas reporting program. Under the state’s Clean Air Rule, organizations are required to have their compliance GHG reports verified by an approved third party beginning in 2018. Verification ensures that reports are accurate and complete.


Within the Washington program, First Environment’s team includes four state-approved verifiers, including three with lead verifier qualifications. The team includes individuals with sector specializations in oil and gas, manufacturing, power generation, metals production, waste and process emissions. All approved verifiers have been trained by the Department in state-specific requirements.


First Environment’s involvement in the Washington Clean Air Rule GHG reporting program builds upon the firm’s experience with regulatory GHG report verification gained in the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB’s) mandatory GHG reporting program. The firm has been an approved as a verification body by CARB since 2009. Under CARB’s program, First Environment has verified dozens of GHG emission data reports for covered facilities representing the power generation, manufacturing, and waste management.


About Washington’s Clean Air Rule

Washington’s water supply, air quality, and infrastructure are at risk because of climate change. As a result, in 2016 the Washington Department of Ecology adopted a rule under the state’s Clean Air Act to reduce carbon pollution. The Clean Air Rule regulates those businesses that are responsible for about two-thirds (100,000 metric tons) of carbon pollution in Washington, such as transportation, refining, and manufacturing. Every three years, the threshold will be lowered by 5,000 metric tons – bringing more emitters into the program – until 2035 when the threshold will be held at 70,000 metric tons.


For more information on greenhouse gas reporting, visit the WA Department of Ecology’s website.