Tom Bambrick, LSRP

Market Area Director – Site Investigation and Remediation

Tom is a First Environment veteran and, having been with the company for more than 27 years. He manages the firm’s site investigation and remediation services group, overseeing complex technical projects for a variety of private, public, and federal clients. He also works extensively with environmental law firms as well as insurance industry clients to resolve complex environmental remediation matters. He oversees and directs all aspects of First Environment’s site investigation and remediation services group, and has conducted numerous soil and groundwater investigations at sites ranging from undeveloped properties to complex manufacturing and chemical facilities. With respect to soil and groundwater contamination, Tom has provided oversight and technical guidance for the installation of more than 1,000 monitoring wells within unconsolidated and bedrock aquifers. He has extensive experience in the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs) and related remediation, including soil gas surveys, air sparging, in-situ chemical oxidation, soil vapor extraction, and dual-phase recovery. Tom has also designed, installed, and implemented groundwater recovery and treatment systems. As a precursor to implementing recovery and treatment alternatives, he has used two- and three-dimensional computer modeling to evaluate areas of groundwater capture and influence, as well as contaminant migration and transport. With respect to transactional site assessments, Tom has performed or directed more than 100 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for facilities ranging from undeveloped property to retail/ commercial space to heavy manufacturing in accordance with the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) 1527-05 standard and its predecessors. He has also prepared and directed the preparation of Preliminary Assessments in accordance with the NJDEP Technical Requirements for Site Remediation for facilities ranging from retail/commercial space to industrial and manufacturing operations.