Lindsey Shanks

GIS/CAD Specialist

Lindsey is a GIS and AutoCAD specialist with experience working with geographic data in environmental and natural resource management applications. She  implements multiple geographic information systems including ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, and R to create, edit, and analyze spatial data derived from GPS devices, remotely sensed imagery, georeferenced drawings, surveys, and historical figures. She uses AutoCAD to design and construct site plans and detail groundwater investigation and site remediation results. Lindsey supports technical projects involving site investigation and remediation, wetland delineation and restoration, and environmental sampling and data collection. Responsibilities include database design, GIS data creation and standardization, maintenance and modification of GIS data, and data analysis. She frequently prepares visualizations of site sampling locations, sample identification numbers, and sample results for environmental sampling. Lindsey has also contributed to projects involving the mapping, modeling, and management of forest reestablishment, invasive species assessment and migration, submerged aquatic vegetation surveying and restoration, and lake water quality monitoring.