Kenneth Farah, Jr., EIT

Environmental Engineer

Ken is a project manager for First Environment’s site investigation and remediation group. His project experience involves management of Phase I environmental site assessments, industrial site investigations, and Preliminary Assessments for facilities ranging from retail/commercial space to industrial and manufacturing operations. Specifically, he has managed the remediation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds in subsurface ranging from shallow to deep bedrock aquifer systems. Regarding remedial approaches, Ken has experience implementing a variety of in-situ chemical oxidation treatments and has used bio-remediation materials to reduce contaminant concentrations; he regularly assists in the design and scope of the remedial injection systems, and directly oversees the installation through performance of these systems. Ken is also competent in site remedial modeling for engineering-related calculations, and has experience in computer modeling software such as AutoCAD, TDAST, and SURFER designing, as well as in NJDEP regulatory agency programs for remediation attainment, such as ProUCL and ArcGIS. He typically prepares Licensed Site Remediation Professional documents as well as full submittals to NJDEP for Remedial Action Workplans, Remedial Investigation Reports, and Remedial Action Reports. He is knowledgeable of NJDEP’s Technical Requirements for Site Remediation as well as the Administrative Requirements for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites.