Andrew Truman

Environmental Scientist

Andrew is an Environmental Scientist with more than eight years of experience providing site investigation and remediation services on a variety of private, public, and federal projects. He is responsible for managing and implementing creative remediation techniques on large scale industrial sites, from bio-augmentation and remediation, ISCO remediation, and dipole-dipole resistivity (2D and 3D), to traditional excavation and pump and treat methods of remediation. Andrew has a broad range of project experience from preliminary site evaluations and underground storage tank (UST) closures to comprehensive subsurface investigation and remediation services (soil, vapor, and groundwater). He has also been responsible for the on‐site execution and management of anaerobic bioremediation injection programs that successfully treated soil and groundwater impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons as well as aromatic and chlorinated solvents at several commercial and industrial sites in northern New Jersey. Mr. Truman frequently works under the direction of LSRPs and has independently prepared a broad range of reports for Phase I ESAs, Phase II Site Assessments, and remedial actions through final remedial action outcomes (RAOs) in compliance with the NJDEP’s technical requirements.