Burbank, California

Burbank Airport Operations Review

Burbank Airport Operations Review for Lockheed Martin

After reviewing site operations in support of the defense of a mass/toxic tort case, First Environment evaluated the operations on certain parcels of the Bob Hope Airport or Burbank- Glendale-Pasadena Airport–formerly known as Lockheed Air Terminal and connected with U.S. Air Force (USAF) Plant 14 and Lockheed’s former Burbank California manufacturing complex — to defend against a CERCLA cleanup action. First Environment’s evaluation reviewed the site’s history from the Government’s acquisition of undeveloped land during WWII to Government and private sector uses through 2010. Activities conducted in the WWII era included construction of some 74 structures for use as an Air Defense Unit, operation of a training school for U.S. Army Air Force ground crews, and research and development of top-secret aircraft projects.

First Environment had previously used its engineering expertise in evaluating process wastes associated with aircraft manufacturing and maintenance operations to determine the sources of groundwater and soil contamination at the site. This expertise included the evaluation of vapor and cold degreasing operations where aircraft parts were cleaned with solvents, including trichloroethylene, as part of routine maintenance operations and/or prior to plating, welding, assembly or painting of the aircraft parts. In this more recent project, First Environment investigated the industrial history of properties in the vicinity of the parcels of interest, combining newly acquired information with previously obtained information to perform analysis. First Environment looked at historical waste generating operations as well as aviation fuel and waste incineration in fire pits at an on-site fire training facility. First Environment also compiled a military history of the site and established waste disposal operations for the entities that occupied the site from World War II until 1960, when the majority of military operations ceased.